“Brains and Rain”

March 28th - April 29th 2022

After School Program Registration Form PDF Link

28th-1st “STEM Week”
This week the kids will be participating in all sorts of fun science, technology, engineering, and math activities to create functioning machines.
( $30 Members, $35 Non-Members)
4th-8th “That’s Puzzling”
This week will be full of all sorts of puzzling games from creating their own puzzles, to learning how to do sudoku and more.
( $30 Members, $35 Non-Members)
11th-12th “Rain, Rain Go Away”
This week will be full of several activities for the kids to do revolving around rain, rainbows, and making their own rain clouds. 
($10.50 Members, $12.50 Non-Members)
****April 13th 1/2 Day Schools Out $17.50 members $20.75 non-members
**April 14, 15, 18, School’s Day Out; $35 members $40 non-members full day
1/2 Day and Full Day School’s Out Day is a separate registration
19th-22nd “Healthy Kids Week”
Kids will compete in fitness challenges, outdoor games, and will make healthy snacks.
( $24.00 Members, $29.00 Non-Members)

****On the 22nd there will be a fitness pledge for the kids to raise money for the YMCA***

25th-29th“Let it Grow”
The kids will spend the week decorating planters and beginning to grow their own flowers.

( $30 Members, $35 Non-Members)

*****Please note for Schools Out Days if we have less than 5 children sign up we will have to cancel


$5 sibling discount available

April 13th Half Day ( $17.50 Members, $20.75 Non-Members)
12:00 - 5:30
April 14th Full Day ( $35 Members, $40 Non-Members)
8:00 - 5:30
April 15th Full Day ( $35 Members, $40 Non-Members)
8:00 - 5:30
April 18th Full Day ( $35 Members, $40 Non-Members)
8:00 - 5:30