If you are experiencing problems accessing your membership online, there are a few different reasons why that is happening.

This does NOT mean that a particular program is full or closed.  If a program is not available to take registrations, it will state this once you select a specific program.  If you get an error message while trying to login, it means there is an issue with logging in only, not with registering for the program.

First, and most importantly, we must have a current and verified email address. This is very simple to rectify, give us a quick call and the front desk staff will get your current email entered. 

Members and non-members can gain access to our website. If you are not an active member but have previously been a member or have previously registered for a program with Southwestern Montana Family Y, you are already in our system, we probably just need an email.  If you have never been to nor used our facility, we can enter you as a non-member over the phone.  Please give the front desk a call. 

Any other questions, concerns, or problems, PLEASE give us a quick call!!  We are here to help you!


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Sat: 8am-4pm
Sun: 8am-4pm